About Us
Steeped in a rich tradition of Master Barbers and experienced cosmetologists, the Center Barber & Beauty Shop has always been a popular choice amongst local Santa Fe residents. Customers have always valued and appreciated the quality of service given by the local master barbers and stylists of this proud establishment.
Licensed for over 50 years, the Center Barber and Beauty Shop has consistently offered some of the best haircuts and services in Santa Fe to generations of customers.
The Barber Shop started off on the downtown plaza and is currently at 503 Cordova Road where it still boasts the best haircuts in town.  Started by Ramon Vigil and his wife Aurora in 1954, the tradition of exceptional haircutting has been passed on through the generations continuing with his son Gilbert Vigil and grandson Frank Vigil.  
The Center Barber and Beauty Shop has now changed ownership and is now owned by Gilbert's son and daughter.

We understand how important your hair is to you and we work very hard to keep our prices affordable and our quality of service exceptional.

All our staff are fully trained in the latest cutting and they can offer both classic and contemporary styles for men, woman and children alike. 

We understand that everybody is different and that's why we go out of our way to listen to our clients and tailor our services to their specific needs.
We also like to make people feel comfortable, relaxed and let you know you are in good hands.